Family Gardens

I just picked another day’s bounty of beautiful tomatoes. As I did, laughing, I thought of how similar our garden is to our efforts at parenting. At first glance, you see that red, juicy collection in my kitchen. Different varieties, all healthy and just right–a tomato’s tomato. But look at our garden! It’s like JackContinue reading “Family Gardens”

Contagious Charity and Creativity

In light of the deluge of questions I’ve received about contagion, children, closures and Covid 19, this post is a quick note of ideas I have in response to social distancing. It is informed by science, by my life’s experiences and by those of some of my elders. My mother and her family were quarantinedContinue reading “Contagious Charity and Creativity”

we are all musical

Before I went into the exam room last week, the nurse told me my patient had “white coat syndrome.” His blood pressure was very elevated and he was clearly anxious. I reviewed the chart before entering the room, but there wasn’t much information available on this new student. I entered the room to find myContinue reading “we are all musical”

optics and images

The last week has had an intensity about it, whether viewed through the lens of home, work or politics. It has been one of those weeks where life seems generally out of order and more distressing than reassuring. Parents of a child born after a long struggle with infertility must hear that their little oneContinue reading “optics and images”


The two soldier students didn’t choose their school, profession or companions. In 1945, the Army tested them in order to designate them as engineers, field intelligence officers, or physicians. Andrew’s dad thought of being a pastor. My dad was a history major in college, and wrote his mother that he hated math, so hoped heContinue reading “Generations”