Wonderings of a Wanderer

read at your own risk…

I am known by others as a public health pediatrician, a bioethics professor, a theologically trained speaker and writer, a wife and mother, a person of faith, a friend, a hiker and a traveller. I know myself as a changing mix of these and as constantly desiring to dwell in the enduring center of who I am, found in the Center of all that is. This blog pursues that center, but likely wanders around in the process, and in wondering may find more awe than certainty.

Published by jenniemclaurin

I'm a wonderer and a wanderer who likes to think about the intersections of science, faith, culture and the natural world. Hiking, family, medicine, travel and a collection of writers and mystics inspire me. I make my living in the land of public health, as a pediatrician. I live my life in the Pacific Northwest.

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